KANSAS CITY (July 13, 2020) — All Sporting Fields + Athletics facilities including Compass Minerals Sporting Fields, Swope Soccer Village and Capitol Federal Sports Complex of Liberty are open with new health and safety guidelines effective immediately and remain in effect until further notice.

Return To Play Guidelines in effect:


  • Social distancing must take place off the field. This includes players/coaches on the sidelines & parents/guardians/siblings/etc. during their visit to the facility.
  • Individuals are required to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth when in public, outdoor space (with the exception of socially-distanced outdoor exercise). ‘Individuals’ includes all people onsite except those physically exercising.
    • Players should wear masks coming to and from the facility.
    • All visitors should wear masks throughout their visit to the facility.
    • See reference articles below for exceptions and more information.
  • Activities are to be limited to no more than 60 people per field. This includes players and coaches.
  • Each renting organization must keep an internal record (date and time) of which teams/players/coaches are at the facility throughout this phase. 
  • Each renting organization must abide by its insurance provider’s return to play guidelines. Insurance providers may include Kansas Youth Soccer, US Club Soccer, USSSA, etc. 


  • Continue to follow proper precautions (i.e. wash/sanitize hands, stay home if sick, avoid touching of face, wear a mask, etc.).
  • Do not share sports equipment.
  • Vulnerable populations should be asked to stay home.
  • If a positive COVID-19 case occurs within your organization, please report the case to SF+A. This will help us contact trace and allow us to warn all individuals who may be at risk.


For more information please visit:


Please email Chris Boyajian (cboyajian@sportingkc.com) with any additional questions.