Adult League: Age 30+

Number of Players: 8v8

Goalkeepers: Yes

Game Length: 56 -minutes. 2 x 28-minute halves

Field size: 40×75

Ball size: 5


General Information

Your favorite team has created your new favorite league. Sporting Kansas City has a league for men 30+ to have fun and relive the glory days. A registration fee of $75.00 per player is due before the first game.

Game Play

All games will be played under the FIFA ‘Laws of the game’ in addition to rules adopted by NO OTHER LEAGUE. Each game will have one certified referee who will officiate the games.

Each game will be 2 x 28-minute halves with a 4-minute half-time. A game is considered official when the first half is complete. Referee has the power to extend due to injury or other stoppage. Referee also has power to end the game early if deemed necessary.

Unlimited substitutions may be made but only during a stoppage under the referee’s discretion.

Rule Changes

There will be no slide tackling on a player in this league. First incident will result in a yellow and the second, a red. There will be no offsides.


All players registered must be 30 years old by the start of the season. A full roster is 15 players and minimum is 11. Each team captain is responsible for making sure every player is registered and of age.

A minimum of six (6) players is required to start the game. A game will be called a forfeit if the game

doesn’t start with all registered players on the field ten minutes after scheduled kick-off.

Home Team

The home team is listed first on the schedule and is responsible for the game ball and to change color if both teams clash.


First (1) yellow – subbed off, but may come back in on next dead ball Second (2) yellow – equivalent to red card

Red card – out for the rest of the game and team plays down one player

Multiple Red cards (3) – after a player accumulates a third red card, they will not be allowed to play for the rest of the season. No exceptions.

If at any point a player assaults a referee (spits on, pushes, threatens, etc…) they will be expelled from the league indefinitely.


Wyandotte Sporting Fields has the right to cancel any game due to inclement weather. Assume all games will be played unless you hear from NO OTHER LEAGUE.

NO OTHER LEAGUE will attempt to reschedule postponed and inclement weather games, but cannot guarantee that games will be rescheduled and played.

Team captains will be responsible to check for rescheduled games. Games ending in a forfeit will not be rescheduled.


To receive weather alerts from Wyandotte Sporting Fields and NO OTHER LEAGUE, text WYANDOTTE to 84483.